my gold award


My Gold Arts Award is something I have wanted to do for quite a while and now  that I have worked up to it through Bronze and Silver I finally get the chance, The Gold Award consists of two units, unit one is your personal arts development and unit two is your arts leadership project, for my personal arts development I will be taking part in a new drama group where I will learn how to direct plays as well as design a newsletter for the Belgrade Youth Forum, I will do work experience at a local comic shop, interview artists to see how they got where they are in life today and start a debate on Graffiti being a crime?. My leadership is, me putting on and organizing an exhibition, this will be challenging as I have never done something like this before and as I will be starting college the week before, I will have to try and fit in both the exhibition and college.

I am really looking forward to doing each part of my Arts Award and hope you enjoy reading about my journey to gold  (link to the CYAC website)  (link to the Arts Award website)


My Gold Award...

]  The piece to the left is something I did at one of the CYAC photoshop workshops, on the right is a photo I took in Coventry,  A manga page I worked on in a workshop with a CYAC member, a close up of a character design and a picture of my skateboard